Hey, Student Groups!
We’ve got some goodies just for you.

If you’re officially registered as a student group with the UASU, you can take advantage of any of these benefits!

Watch Party

Free bookings and event hosting

Whether you’re planning a social mixer, a TV watch party or an open mic night, we can help you host it in the heart of campus!

Discounts for your members

Satisfy your members’ munchies by giving them free Fries (with purchase) at their table of 4 or more.

Click the link below to register and to download the Dewey’s logo for inclusion on your membership card.

Or better yet, keep reading the next section of the page to learn how to get your membership cards printed for free!

Dewey's Main Space
Dewey's Loft

Free membership card printing

We do not require you to sign any sort of exclusive agreement with us — and we would discourage you from signing an exclusive agreement from anywhere that locks yourself in!

In exchange for free membership card printing, we require you to host at least one large event (over 50 people) or two small events (less than 50 people) per term at Room at the Top or Dewey’s.

Membership cards are printed at SUBprint (located in SUB’s lower level) using a similar style & material to business cards.